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The Advanced Biofuel Payment Program

The Advanced Biofuel Payment Program provides payments to producers to support and expand production of advanced biofuels refined from sources other than corn kernel starch. The Program supports and helps to ensure the expanding production of advanced biofuels by providing payments to eligible advanced biofuel producers.
Additional incentive payments may be made to certain producers who have increased their biofuel output over the previous year’s production. 
Advanced biofuels are produced from renewable biomass crops such as cellulose, sugar and starch (other than ethanol derived from corn kernel starch), hemicelluloses, lignin, waste materials, biogas, butanol, diesel-equivalent fuel, sugarcane, and nonfood crops such as poplar trees or switchgrass.

Applications are handled at the local level. For help with an application, locate your Rural Development State Office or Rural Development staff at your nearest USDA Service Center.

  • Contact USDA, Rural Development - Business Programs Energy Branch- Rural Energy Coordinator 

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The Advanced Biofuel Payment Program
Business and Cooperative Programs - National Office, USDA Rural Development
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Phone: (202) 690-4730
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