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Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Texas

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife (PFW) program provides technical and financial assistance to private landowners to restore or enhance fish and wildlife habitats for Federal trust species (e.g. migratory birds, threatened, endangered, and other declining species). The PFW program has been very well received by our participating private landowner Cooperators.

The program emphasizes conservation practices, such as invasive species control, directed at restoring habitats which include, but are not limited to, wetlands, riparian areas, bottomland hardwoods, upland forests, native grasslands, savannahs and brushlands.

Program Focus in Texas

  • Native Grasslands
    Native grasslands are some of our most imperiled habitats in North America. Today, less than one percent of the tallgrass prairie in Texas remains in relatively pristine condition. What remains of our native grasslands is being rapidly consumed by urbanization and brush encroachment.
  • Unique Restoration Activities
    The PFW program also places a high priority on restoring unique or rare habitat types across the State. These include the longleaf pine forest in east Texas, South Texas brush, karst systems in central Texas, as well as specific habitats which support federally listed plants or animals.

  • Wetlands and Riparian Areas
    More than half of the original 16 million acres of wetlands in Texas have been lost. Restoration of these systems can enhance groundwater recharge and discharge, sediment stabilization, toxicant retention, wildlife diversity, and recreation opportunities.

  • Outdoor Learning Areas
    The PFW program funds outdoor learning areas (schoolyard habitats) which provide students with "hands-on" educational opportunities. These projects benefit fish and wildlife and the human communities that learn from them.

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Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Texas
Cyndee Watson
State PFW Coordinator U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
2005 Northeast Green Oaks Boulevard
Suite 140
Arlington, TX  76006
Phone: 512-490-0057
Fax: 817 277-1129

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  • Texas

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