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The term "conservation" in "conservation organizations" is a broad one. The organizations listed run the gamut from local offices of federal agencies to private land trusts to for-profit businesses. They all have in common programs that are designed, in part or in whole, to help private landowners maintain their property. Activities are as diverse as helping to protect land, manage land, diversify operations, transition operations, restore ecosystems, and improve profitability.

Conservation professionals encompass an even broader range of expertise. These are people who may be employed by conservation organizations, or they may be business people or self-employed. They may have legal, wildlife, wetland, or land management expertise.

Organizations and professionals operating in Texas who wish to be listed here can click Add me to the Directory to request to be listed.

Learn more about Land Conservation Learn more about Land Conservation

David Nowak of the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station presents this video short course discussing how trees in cities provide important ecosystem services and help to reduce the urban heat island effect and lower building energy use.
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Luke Nave from the University of Michigan Biological Station presents this video short course on the fact that the largest terrestrial carbon pool is contained in soils. Carbon stored in soils plays a number of important roles, including keeping carbon out of the atmosphere and improving moisture and nutrient retention.

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Rebecca McCulley of the University of Kentucky, Dept. of Plant & Soil Sciences presents this video short course on Grasslands, which make up 30% of the U.S. land surface, store significant amounts of carbon belowground in roots and soils. Learn how disturbances such as drought, grazing, fire and tillage can significantly impact the grassland carbon balance.

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In this video short course you can get the scoop on forestland carbon storage in the United States, which helps offset approximately 12% of US carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

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Andrea Tuttle presents this video short course ont forest carbon markets and how these can be used to capture and hold carbon on the landscape.

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Wondering about carbon offsets, credits, baselines, permanence and leakage? Get the carbon basics here and find out why forest offsets could be a bridge to the future.

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New innovations in payments for watershed services (PWS) have emerged in the past decade and are pointing the way toward watershed protection approaches that might effectively complement existing government conservation programs and incentives for rural landowners. The purpose of this study was to survey these new or emerging PWS project models to understand their scale, characteristics, and future potential. To do so, we surveyed conservation professionals, experts, and others across the country to identify and characterize a range of PWS projects and programs in which municipalities, other local government entities, non-profit organizations, private companies, and individuals are buyers of ecosystem services.

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This report provides an overview of existing payment programs and markets, and discusses the concepts of bundling and stacking, offer policy recommendations, and provides examples of current efforts to more effectively integrate payment opportunities for landowners.

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The 80 million-plus Millennials in the United States represent the next generation of potential land trust supporters and advocates.

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The Gulf Partnership is committed to Strategic Conservation, the identification of the most important areas in a region for conservation, restoration and long-term management. This approach is in contrast to a scatter-shot approach - what some have called ‘random acts of conservation.’ We want every dollar spent on conservation to be used to create the most benefit. In October, 2014, the Gulf Partnership, in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy and The Conservation Fund, released ‘A Land Conservation Vision for the Gulf of Mexico Region’ which is a series of maps that identify high-value geographic areas for land conservation. These maps were created by the partner organizations and include:

  • Focus areas identified by the partners that reflect local community values
  • Wetlands
  • Migratory bird habitat
  • Scenic rivers
  • Longleaf pine habitat
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Groundwater conservation districts (GCDs) are being created in many parts of Texas to allow local citizens to manage and protect their groundwater. This publication answers frequently asked questions about groundwater and GCDs. 

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This publication is intended to provide basic information on conservation easements for landowners, community leaders, students and other interested individuals. It is not intended, and should not be used, to provide information to guide a particular conservation easement transaction or to substitute for the legal, financial and/or property appraisal planning or assistance that is needed for such transactions

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BMPs for agricultural water users are combinations of site-specific management, educational, and physical practices that have proven to be effective and are economical for conserving water. BMPs have been developed which focus on increasing the water use efficiency of water users such as producers of agricultural crops and of water suppliers such as irrigation districts. BMPs have been developed which focus on conserving rainwater, such as land owners  managing and controlling brush species. BMPs provide a means of measuring the success of agricultural water conservation programs, their costs, and schedules of implementation. Good agricultural water conservation practices can provide benefits to wildlife resources.

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What’s a quail worth? The short answer — as it relates to a wild Texas quail — is $253 each, according to a recently completed survey of Texas quail hunters.

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Conservation buffers such as filter strips, riparian buffers, grassed waterways, and field borders are especially applicable to southeastern landscapes and have multiple environmental benefits while serving to significantly improve wildlife habitats.

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Summary Findings

  • The Habitat Buffers for Upland Birds practice (CP33) is the first Federal conservation practice to target species-specific population recovery goals of a national wildlife conservation initiative (the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative).
  • Over 14 states, breeding bobwhite densities were 70 to 75 percent greater around CP33 buffered fields than around unbuffered crop fields.
  • Fall bobwhite covey densities were 50 to 110 percent greater around CP33 fields than around unbuffered crop fields, and this positive response to CP33 increased each subsequent year of the study.
  • Several upland songbirds (e.g., dickcissel, field sparrow) responded strongly to CP33 in the landscape.
  • Area-sensitive grassland birds (e.g.,grasshopper sparrow) exhibited little response to CP33 buffers.
  • These findings illustrate the wildlife value of field borders and other buffer practices implemented through EQIP, WHIP, and other conservation programs.
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The conservation provisions of the Farm Bill can produce more consistent positive wildlife habitat benefits when policy (program statutes, rules, practices, and practice standards) is developed in the context of explicit goals identified as part of large-scale conservation initiatives.

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The conservation objective in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley is to provide forested habitat capable of supporting sustainable populations of all forest dependent wildlife species. This report provides recommendations to improve and enhance management activities directed at providing habitat for priority wildlife species.

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For a landscape supporting healthy native bird populations across the LMVJV

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The National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) is the unified range-wide strategy of 25 state wildlife agencies, with numerous conservation group and research institution partners, to achieve widespread restoration of native grassland habitats and huntable populations of wild quail.

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This publication provides technical guidance and practical information for wildlife management beyond planting and managing food plots. 

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The 50 acre Deer Park Prairie outside of Houston, land that has been untouched for thousands of years, is now set to be bulldozed to make room for subdivisions. That is, unless $4 million can be raised by midnight on August 20, 2013. Read More »


This Farm and Dairy article explains how conservation is a journey for our country.

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Private land conservation initiatives are a critical component of any state-level quality of life agenda. Although concerns over sprawl, including the loss of prime agricultural lands and significant green space, continue to be one of the underlying rallying cries in support of state-level smart growth initiatives, the fact remains that with few exceptions, conservation of privately-owned working lands has not received significant attention in smart growth literature or conferences. Yet, land conservation and growth management are inextricably intertwined and policy initiatives must work in concert to be effective.

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This guide offers a path for local landowners to earn additional income while helping diminish adverse effects of global climate change through implementation of carbon sequestration and other stackable incentives. This document is a tool to help landowners make the decision whether or not to enroll their land in carbon sequestration. It discusses background information on carbon sequestration and global climate change; current methods of sequestration, including forestry, conservation planting, methane capture and others; and steps a land owner must take, including contracts, verification, and implementation, once they have made the decision to enroll their lands in a sequestration project.

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For those of you who don’t know, TDR stands for Transferable Development Rights. Simply put, these are typically programs that are designed by local government to allow for the free market transfer of subdivision or development rights from a rural (agricultural and/or conservation) zone to a designated development zone within a jurisdiction.  These rights are purchased by a land developer at market value from a landowner in a rural area where there are often more development rights than are allowed to be used by zoning in that area.  Referred to as a “Sending” zone, the rights are then legally separated from the farm or rural property in exchange for a land preservation easement.  The rights can be held for investment or transferred into a “Receiving” zone, which is a designated growth area for real estate development.  In these Receiving zones additional density is allowed to be added when the rights are acquired from the rural Sending zones.

Equally as important it can be a very effective tool for preserving farmland, conservation areas and even historic places. 
While not for every community, there are many that are ripe for such programs.  So, what are the common features and attributes of the most successful programs around the nation?

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“In wildness is the preservation of the world.” Quoted from an essay by Thoreau lamenting the way in which modern urban life has made natural resources into commodities and isolated people from the natural processes on which their lives depended. Move forward to 2006, “open space” or “green space” has nearly replaced ‘wilderness’ in our vocabulary with the rise in the development of the rural landscape. The US population is now over 300 million and more and more people are sprawling out from the urban areas into the country. This push outward is having a measurable effect on our open spaces. Farmland near cities has seen its value inflated by demand for conversion to non-farm uses. People are often willing to pay more than agricultural value in order to live in primarily rural areas. For example, in Iowa there are now more non-farmers living in rural areas than there are farmers. Read More »

Considering conservation buffers on your land?  The USDA has 250,000 or more buffer contracts with about 160,000 farms and ranches. They may be a good choice for your land and for the environment. They are also economically viable for most operations.

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A Prescribed Fire Association is a group of landowners and other concerned citizens that form a partnership to conduct prescribed burns. Prescribed burning is the key land management tool used to restore and maintain native plant communities to their former diversity and productivity for livestock production and wildlife habitat. Native prairies, shrublands, and forests supply the majority of livestock forage and much of the wildlife habitat in the U.S. Without fire, many native plant communities become dysfunctional and unproductive. Research has clearly shown that there is no substitute for fire. 

Many forest and grassland ecosystems are fire dependent and not burning is poor land management.  Why do not more people use prescribed fire to manage their land? First, fire was not part of the European culture that settled in post-Columbian America. Fire exclusion and fire suppression has been engrained in our society for years and popularized by the very successful Smokey the Bear ad campaign. The result has been a rapid decline in the quality of our natural resources, along with costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year to fight wildfires and the many other negative consequences of fuel build up. This article has been adapted from Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Association. Read More »


For decades, conservation easements have protected open space values such as wildlife habitat, ecological diversity, recreational access and aesthetics. Working forest landscapes present an opportunity to protect not only these open space values, but also the economic and community benefits that arise from a forest’s production of goods and services.

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Many rural communities are facing challenges, including rapid growth at metropolitan edges, declining rural populations, and loss of working lands. This report focuses on smart growth strategies that can help guide growth in rural areas while protecting natural and working lands and preserving the rural character of existing communities. These strategies are based around three central goals: 1) support the rural landscape by creating an economic climate that enhances the viability of working lands and conserves natural lands; 2) help existing places to thrive by taking care of assets and investments such as downtowns, Main Streets, existing infrastructure, and places that the community values; and 3) create great new places by building vibrant, enduring neighborhoods and communities that people, especially young people, don’t want to leave.

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Clearly, the motivation for a land conservation transaction is often the desire of the landowner to safeguard the property. However, this objective must be balanced with the need to maximize the return to the landowner. The general perception is that the highest return will be realized from a sale to a developer. 
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Almost everyone in forestry has heard of land trusts since they have become a common fixture especially in areas that are rapidly urbanizing. But the unfortunate perception of many forest and farm owners is that land trusts are not to be trusted because their real purpose is to steal private property and pull lands out of production. Nothing could be further from the truth, but critics rely on false ‘private property’ threats to turn land owners away from land trusts even before owners understand how they work. A forest owner who knows how land trusts operate is more inclined to protect lands from development than owners who know little about this highly innovated to protect forest lands from development.

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This report describes the key findings of an analysis of the status and recent changes in ownership size, land  use and property values of private farms, ranches and forestlands in Texas. The goal of this work is to provide  public and private decision makers with the data they need to plan for the conservation of working rural lands  in Texas. Included in this report are four summaries describing results of technical analyses upon which many  of our conclusions are based. Our primary data sources were the Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts  (who provided a 1992-2001 annual compilation of land use and land value data from 1,032 independent school  districts), and the U.S.D.A. Agricultural Statistics Service. We also obtained data from the U. S. Census Bureau,  U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Inventory, and the U. S. Department of Commerce/Bureau of Economic Analysis–Regional Economic Information System. We used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) base maps obtained from the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS). This work was made possible by grants to American Farmland Trust from the Meadows Foundation and Houston Endowment, Inc.

Our specific objectives were to:

  • Assess the current status and recent trends in rural land ownership size, land use and property values in Texas;
  • Determine relationships among land size, land use and property values;
  • Develop a map-based simulation model for projecting future trends in rural lands, and use this model to explore  the implications of initiating a Purchase of Development Rights program;
  • Encourage the development of policies for conserving productive rural lands and wildlife habitats in Texas; and
  • Provide public access to these data using a Web site with interactive mapping and custom data queries.
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It may come as a shock, but there is a sort of symbiotic relationship at work between property owners with conservation easements and the IRS. Hard to believe, I know. We understand that the IRS gives tax breaks for those who protect their property from certain development and use. In special circumstances, these landowners can find tax breaks that many others will not reach, similar to the nectar only available to the unique and capable hummingbirds.

The Landowner, Conservation Easements & the 2010 Roth Conversion. At the beginning of 2010, the $100,000 MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income) limit on Roth IRA conversions was lifted. Individuals that were not able to convert an IRA to a Roth in previous years may now be eligible, and the subject is getting quite a bit of news.

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Populations of Lesser Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus; LEPC) have declined by more than 90%. The main factors precipitating this decline have been the conversion of sand-sage and mixed-grass prairie to agriculture, juniper encroachment,  excessive cattle grazing, and fossil-fuel and suburban development. Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) fields contribute greatly to the remaining habitat of the LEPC; however, approximately three million acres of CRP within the current LEPC distribution will soon expire, and potentially be re-converted to cropland.

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The mission of Western Grassland Initiative is to serve as the primary contributor to the implementation of conservation and management actions, through partnerships and cooperative efforts, resulting in improved species status, grassland habitats, and recreational opportunities for grassland dependent species across North America.

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The overall distribution of the lesser prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) has declined an estimated 92 percent since settlement by people of European descent and an estimated 78 percent since the early 1960s. Concurrent with this decrease in occupied range, numbers of lesser prairie-chickens have declined at least 90 percent since European settlement, resulting in smaller, more isolated populations. As a consequence of these declines, the lesser prairie-chicken is a candidate for federal listing as a threatened or endangered species.

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Take a quick quiz and test your knowledge on conservation easements and learn if they can work for you.
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Certain individuals who own land with significant conservation value, for example landowners of wildlife habitat or open space, can preserve the character of their land, obtain additional property, and defer taxes on the transaction, all at the same time.

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Land trusts across the country are preserving agricultural lands to support local food systems. 

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This publication is intended to provide basic information on conservation easements for landowners, community leaders, students and other interested individuals. It is not intended, and should not be used, to provide information to guide a particular conservation easement transaction or to substitute for the legal, financial and/or property appraisal planning or assistance that is needed for such transactions

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Almost everyone in forestry has heard of land trusts since they have become a common fixture especially in areas that are rapidly urbanizing. But the unfortunate perception of many forest and farm owners is that land trusts are not to be trusted because their real purpose is to steal private property and pull lands out of production. Nothing could be further from the truth, but critics rely on false ‘private property’ threats to turn land owners away from land trusts even before owners understand how they work. A forest owner who knows how land trusts operate is more inclined to protect lands from development than owners who know little about this highly innovated to protect forest lands from development.

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Take a quick quiz and test your knowledge on conservation easements and learn if they can work for you.
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Certain individuals who own land with significant conservation value, for example landowners of wildlife habitat or open space, can preserve the character of their land, obtain additional property, and defer taxes on the transaction, all at the same time.

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Land Conservation news from the Houston Conservation Center
The following news articles are provided by the Google News service and do not reflect the views or imply an endorsement by the Houston Conservation Center and its affiliates. We cannot guarantee the relevance of the content of this page or any links that may be followed from the articles herein.
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Texas Land Trends report shows value of conservation easements to ag, water, wildlife  Newswise

Newswise — COLLEGE STATION – The Texas Land Trends project of Texas A&M's Natural Resources Institute, or NRI, has published a special series report ...

Ted Cruz among handful of 'no' votes on landmark land conservation bill  Dallas News

WASHINGTON -- The most sweeping conservation legislation in a decade sailed through the Senate 92-8.Sen. Ted Cruz voted no.The Texas Republican has...

Will property owners on border be forced to give up land for Trump's wall?  WSYM-TV

Customs and Border Protection has been preparing to acquire land in the Rio Grande Valley for new barriers since last fall, according to a lawsuit challenging ...

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Soil conservationist honored for 38 years of *service*.

Riparian, stream ecosystem workshop set March 6 in Bandera  AgriLife Today

A free riparian and stream ecosystem workshop for those interested in water conservation and quality will be held March 6 in Bandera.

Big Alaskan land giveaway tucked into sweeping conservation bill  The Spokesman-Review

On Tuesday, the Senate passed the biggest conservation bill in years. The Natural Resources Management Act of 2019, S. 47, swells with more than 100 ...

Texas Gulf wetlands face population, development challenges  Galesburg Register-Mail

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — To a motorist, zipping south through Galveston County from Houston to Galveston Island, the surrounding landscape might look like ...

Land Conservation Bill Protecting Yellowstone Gateway Passes Senate: 'One of the Biggest Bipartisan Wins...Ever Seen in Congress'  Newsweek

The Senate passed the Natural Resources Management Act, which conserves and protects more than a million acres of federal land. The bill now goes to the ...

New Mexico weighs new authority for oilfield regulators  Huntington Herald Dispatch

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Oilfield regulators would recover the authority to directly levy civil fines against well operators who fail to properly maintain equipment or ...

Texas Adding More Land To Historic San Jacinto Battleground  Patch.com

San Jacinto Battleground Grows Through Donations - Pasadena, TX - The acquisition is the latest enhancement project aimed at conserving the historic ...

As border wall construction moves ahead in Texas, judge rules feds can survey church’s land  Houston Chronicle

A Catholic Diocese argues that building a wall on its land would violate its religious beliefs, but the judge said the federal effort to assess possible construction ...

Searching for Solace at Possum Kingdom Lake  Texas Monthly

As I loaded up on groceries near Stephenville, I paused to watch as a blanket of white grew thicker on the ground around me. I'd gotten a late start on my drive ...

Central Texas Pipeline Reignites Fight Over Land Rights  KUT

A fight over a pipeline is never only about the pipeline. It's about the environment, property rights, public safety and a community's sense of itself.

Trump Has Declared A State Of Emergency To Build His Border Wall – Here's What That Means For The Ecosystem  IFLScience

President Trump declared a national emergency on Friday in order to bypass Congress and build additional barriers along the US-Mexico border. If all goes to ...

Conservation Reserve Program in the 2018 Farm Bill  Farm Bureau News

CRP is a land retirement program that provides payments to agricultural landowners for temporary changes in land use or management with the goal of ...

PUBLIC LANDS: Sweeping bill creates many winners: 'This is a big deal'  E&E News

Since 1994, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been fighting to protect 716000 acres of desert in her home state of California, a landmass nearly half the ...

Abilene State Park performs controlled burn  Big Country Homepage

They expect to be finished by Thursday night, but could be burning a second fire on Friday.

Bills Seek Protection For Private Landowners on Border  CityLab

Members of Congress hope to pass laws to help border-adjacent property owners who may be displaced through eminent domain if Trump's border wall plans ...

Native American tribe fears border wall will destroy historic cemetery  UPI News

Members of a Native American group have camped out for a month in a South Texas cemetery to protect graves and a chapel from border wall construction.

Texas border town fights construction of border wall, fearing it could displace homes  NBC News

Local elected officials in several specific towns, including Roma, and Homeland Security have until Sept. 30 to agree on where exactly the barriers will go.

Current And Former Texas Lawmakers On Hit List Of Accused “Domestic Terrorist”  CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — A Coast Guard lieutenant who was arrested last week is a “domestic terrorist” who drafted an email discussing biological ...

Israel aiming to land on moon with SpaceX launch  Alabama's News Leader

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Israel aims to land on the moon after hitching a ride with SpaceX. The Falcon rocket is scheduled to blast off Thursday night ...

Government Prepares to Start Building Portion of Texas Border Wall  KTLA Los Angeles

The U.S. government is preparing to begin construction of more border walls and fencing in South Texas' Rio Grande Valley, likely on federally owned land set ...

County conservation partners host Local Work Group meeting  North Texas e-News

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation *Service* (NRCS) in Texas' Fannin County and the Fannin Soil and Water Conservation District cordially invite the ...

Critics Say Border Wall Could Harm Wildlife Corridors And Sensitive Desert Terrain  NPR

The 2,000 mile border between the U.S. and Mexico traverses hundreds of miles of public lands, including six national parks. Environmentalists have long ...

Public comments on Coastal Texas Study to be reviewed, implemented  Community Impact Newspaper

Feb 12, 2019: The Army Corps of Engineers and Texas General Land Office on Feb. 8 announced the public comment period on the Coastal Texas Study has ...

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Bills seek more protection for Texas landowners in eminent domain cases  Austin American-Statesman

A byproduct of the booming Texas economy and energy sector -- the increasing number of pipelines and transmission lines crisscrossing the state -- has left ...

Texas butterfly sanctuary plans to file emergency restraining order over border wall | TheHill  The Hill

A butterfly sanctuary in Texas along the southern border with Mexico plans to file an emergency restraining order against the Trump administration to halt ...

Texas Teacher Could Lose Her Home If Trump Gets Any More Border Wall Funding  The Texas Observer

The feds are moving on Starr County land that they don't have funding to build on yet. Congress could still stop them.

Judge’s ruling preserves golden-cheeked warbler protections near San Antonio  San Antonio Express-News

The golden-cheeked warbler, a songbird that has lost much of its nesting area to suburban sprawl near San Antonio, Austin and across Central Texas, will ...

Border wall threatens nature tourism industry in South Texas  UPI News

The $463 million-a-year ecotourism industry in South Texas -- a top birding destination -- is bracing for the arrival of border wall construction crews.

How University Lands deals with its pollution  UT The Daily Texan

University Lands estimates their 2018 methane emissions to be around 385000 metric tons. While methane emissions only make up 10 percent of atmospheric ...

Beto O'Rourke says US has 'no clue' when visa holders leave through land ports. Is it true?  PolitiFact

Beto O'Rourke rejected President Donald Trump's demand for a border wall with Mexico. Instead, O'Rourke promoted other policy goals that he said would ...

Texas woman's family may be exhumed from historic cemetery in path of Trump's border wall  Corpus Christi Caller-Times

The Eli Jackson Cemetery is feet from a levee where Customs and Border Protection's new fencing is scheduled to be constructed this year.

These American presidents were farmers and ranchers at heart  Wisconsin State Farmer

Conservation, tillage practices and an eye for a good steer or manure, these American presidents were attuned to agriculture in the U.S..

TPWD adds 23 acres to San Jacinto Battleground state historic site  Sealy News

LA PORTE — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is adding more than 23-acres to the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site bordering on ...

Pennsylvania Permits Halted For Texas-Based Pipeline Company  CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — Pennsylvania is halting construction permits for natural gas pipelines operated by a company whose pipeline ...

Tiguas lose legal rounds in battle with state of Texas over gaming at Speaking Rock  El Paso Times

The state of Texas won another legal round in its move to get a permanent injunction that would halt Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo from operating gaming machines at ...

New exhibition open at the Maxwell Museum  UNM Newsroom

Perhaps no other animal in North America has been as controversial as the gray wolf, which once numbered in the millions on this continent. Massive reductions ...

Conservatives head to Texas to try to build their own wall  The Associated Press

HOUSTON (AP) — What started as an online fundraiser to provide President Donald Trump with donations for his southern border wall has morphed into a ...

Texas Brigades youth leadership summer camps accepting applications  AgriLife Today

Applications are being accepted for the Texas Brigades leadership camps. Located throughout Texas, these camps serve youth 13-17. Click to learn more.

Bayou Land Conservancy appoints new board chair, elects directors  Community Impact Newspaper

Bayou Land Conservancy, a land preservation organization, announced Jan. 18 that Lisa Lin has been elected Board Chair and new members have been ...

San Angeloan's Wild Texas Tour Film to be Screened Here  San Angelo LIVE!

SAN ANGELO, TX — San Angelo Central High School Graduate Ben Masters' short films entitled 'The Wild Texas Film Tour' will be screened in San Angelo ...

Texas Central taps RES for green duties  RailwayAge Magazine

Private high-speed rail developer Texas Central has contracted with Resource Environmental Solutions (RES) for ecological mitigation services “to help protect ...

Texas Well Owner Network training set for Feb. 22 in Marlin  AgriLife Today

A free Well Educated program for private well owners will be presented Feb. 22 in Marlin, and attendees can bring well water samples for testing.

Stephen Miller’s claim that ‘thousands of Americans die year after year’ from illegal immigration  The Washington Post

“This is a deep intellectual problem that is plaguing this city, which is that we've had thousands of Americans die year after year after year because of threats ...

Another mall retailer files for bankruptcy, will close 5 Texas stores  Houston Business Journal

Charlotte Russe Holdings Corp., a women's clothing retailer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Feb. 4 and plans to close 94 stores — including some in ...

Soil Health Course in Palestine Feb. 26-27 | FCT News  Freestonecountytimesonline

Posted by admin | Feb 1, 2019 | Community | 0 |. The focus of an upcoming Texas Soil Health Short course will be the “Increasing Biological Wealth with ...

Art Lander's Outdoors: Teddy Roosevelt an admired president, conservationist, American icon of freedom  User-generated content

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt Jr. (1858 – 1919) was one of America's most popular, admired and beloved presidents. The two-term Republican (1901-1909) was ...

Two Texas A&M AgriLife faculty garner National Cotton Council recognition | AgriLife  AgriLife Today

Writer: Kay Ledbetter, 806-677-5608, skledbetter@ag.tamu.edu. Contact: Dr. Gaylon Morgan, 979-845-0870, gdmorgan@tamu.edu. Dr. Katie Lewis ...

Penn State ex-president Spanier's request for appeal denied  13WHAM-TV

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Penn State's president when the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal erupted may soon be going to jail after Pennsylvania's ...

SJW Corp (SJW) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript  Motley Fool

SJW earnings call for the period ending December 31, 2018.

Butterfly Center on Border is Tip of The Spear in Border Wall Battle  Dallas Observer

We were on vacation. We went to the National Butterfly Center on the Mexican border near Mission last week to see butterflies. It was coincidence my wife and I ...

Advocates say US still separates migrant families needlessly  13WHAM-TV

Months after the Trump administration announced an end to its widescale separation of migrant parents and children, the policy remains a heated issue in the ...

Texas parks department, advocates pushing Congress to reauthorize key conservation fund  The Texas Tribune

The chief of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says the absence of the 54-year-old Land and Water Conservation Fund is a "substantial loss" for state ...

Ex-Lobbyists Run Amok at Interior Department, New Ethics Complaints Show  The Intercept

"The Interior Department's culture of corruption under President Trump didn't start or end with Ryan Zinke."

Advocates call Trump’s policies at border ports ‘a wall’ for asylum seekers  Houston Chronicle

Imprisoned for two weeks inside a cold, vacant factory in Piedras Negras, with armed Mexican police blocking their exit, many in the latest caravan of Central ...

Border gates bring concerns, but some say they will deter smugglers  Austin American-Statesman

As U.S. Customs and Border Protection moves forward on plans to build nearly 90 miles of new border fence in the Rio Grande Valley, construction is already ...

Texas school locked doors during border operation, fear unwarranted  The Newark Advocate

A Texas school locked its doors in response to a border patrol operation. Fear on social media was blown out of proportion, a school official said.

'Yanked from the ground': cactus theft is ravaging the American desert  The Guardian

Hipster tastes have fueled a spike in succulent poaching. Now conservationists are finding creative ways to rescue them.

Drilling overwhelms agency protecting America’s lands  The Texas Tribune

The Bureau of Land Management is making it easier to produce oil and gas on federal acreage. In southeastern New Mexico, it can't even keep up with what's ...

Borderland Rebellion: One Texas Naturalist Takes Conservation Into His Own Hands - The Crux  Discover Magazine

From climate change to a border wall, the scrubland plants in South Texas face myriad threats. This self-taught naturalist is taking matters into his own hands.

'Outdoor Stewardship' Act would set aside millions for land conservation  MDJOnline.com

Editor's note: This is the third in a series of stories examining the constitutional amendments, referendums and special election questions Georgians will be ...

Texas withdraws dunes sagebrush lizard conservation plan  Austin American-Statesman

Aiming to reform a troubled state program designed to stave off federal habitat protections for a rare lizard species in the petroleum-rich Permian Basin, Texas ...

Three Rivers Land Trust working to raise additional $2M to conserve Alcoa Lands  Lexington Dispatch

Three Rivers Land Trust, formerly known as the LandTrust for Central North Carolina, is creeping toward its $2.4 million Save the Yadkin fundraising campaign ...

Trump’s wall needs private property. But some Texans won’t give up their land without a fight.  The Washington Post

Long before Trump proposed a wall, the government's desire for a border fence set off court cases over governmental assertions of eminent domain, as the ...

Some Texas ranches tout hunting exotic animals as a way to support conservation  ABC News

A sprawling, high-fenced, 18000-acre preserve is home to over 60 different species of majestic animals, including giraffes, Cape buffalos and gemsbok.

Rancher leaves behind legacy: Frank Yturria praised for his conservation work  Brownsville Herald

A leading light of conservation in South Texas has been extinguished with the passing of rancher and philanthropist Frank Yturria, who died at a Houston ...

Texas Kills Conservation Plan for Lizard Threatened by Fossil Fuel Extraction  Center for Biological Diversity

AUSTIN, Texas— The dunes sagebrush lizard, a rare species threatened by fossil fuel extraction in Texas and New Mexico, is now completely unprotected after ...

Conservation easements: Save money and keep your land with your family - Buffalo Business First  Buffalo Business First

Conservation easements are an excellent method for maintaining ownership of one's land while not only prohibiting development but also receiving tax benefits.

Bayou Land Conservancy will recognize Northwest Harris County MUD 10 as 2018 Conservation Champion at Annual Land Lover Gala  Chron.com

Bayou Land Conservancy has selected of Northwest Harris County Municipal Utility District 10 Board of Directors as 2018 Conservation Champion. The award ...

Army Corps, Texas officials propose sweeping hurricane protection plan  The Texas Tribune

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Texas General Land Office have recommended a plan to shore up the Houston area and other parts of the Texas ...

Farm Bill will impact Texas’ post-Harvey conservation efforts [Opinion]  Houston Chronicle

As Gus McCrae wisely quipped in “Lonesome Dove”: “Yesterday's gone, we can't get it back.” The Farm Bill of yesterday — or four years ago, to be clear — is ...

El Paso is on the Cutting Edge of Water Conservation. It Really Has No Choice.  The Texas Observer

Faced with a water crisis, El Paso joined with Ciudad Juárez to cut water use and save their shared aquifers.

Amid immigration debate, feds moving ahead with land seizures for South Texas border wall  Texas Tribune

At a briefing in McAllen earlier this week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection told a group of South Texas officials the federal government plans to move forward ...

Texas landowners face eminent domain land fights  East Bay Times

By Nomaan Merchant | Associated Press. HIDALGO, Texas — As President Donald Trump travels to the border in Texas to make the case for his $5.7 billion wall ...

Farm bill must protect working lands conservation programs | TheHill  The Hill

I strongly support the Senate's approach to working lands conservation and will continue to advocate for these provisions benefiting soil health, clean water, and ...

Powderhorn Ranch becomes wildlife management area | Calhoun  Victoria Advocate

More than 15000 acres of the Powderhorn Ranch along the Texas coast in Calhoun County, prime unspoiled coastal prairie, is now a state wildlife management ...

How to Feel Like a Ranch Owner for a Weekend  Texas Monthly

Three native Texans launch Explore Ranches, which rents out incredible private properties and experiences.

The Richest People In Texas, 2018  Forbes

By Chris Helman, Linh Nguyen and the Forbes Wealth Team. Patron tequila tycoon John Paul DeJoria and wife Eloise at Hearst Castle.Patrick McMullan via ...

Senate panel moves to renew expired park conservation fund | TheHill  The Hill

A Senate committee voted Tuesday to revive a popular funding mechanism for parks and conservation, days after its legal authority expired. The Senate Energy ...

CAMPAIGN 2018: How Trump helped Beto O'Rourke score conservation win  E&E News

Texas Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke has become a political rock star in opposing President Trump and trying to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz (R). He also has a ...

With Family Plots and Migratory Hubs in Its Crosshairs, the Border Wall Looms Large in Texas  Pacific Standard

After securing over $500 million in March to build a border barrier, the Department of Homeland Security has begun laying the foundation for the first miles of ...

Threat To Public Lands Conservation Program May Lie In Its Obscurity  RadioWest

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) may be the most successful, and little-known, conservation program. That obscurity could contribute to it's.

Zinke talks Land and Water Conservation Fund reform with Louisiana officials, oil execs  Watchdog.org

U.S. Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke addressed the Louisiana Oil and Gas Industry (LOGA) and then visited a local park this week to announce the annual ...

Trump’s policies blasting at the foundations of conservation in public land law | TheHill  The Hill

Robert L. Glicksman says the Trump approach is a radical rejection of virtually every reform of public land law in the past 100 years.

George P. Bush wins re-election as Texas Land Commissioner  Houston Chronicle

AUSTIN — Republican George P. Bush defeated Democratic challenger Miguel Suazo on Tuesday to win his second term as Texas Land Commissioner, ...

Bayou Land Conservancy celebrates western-most trailhead in The Woodlands  Chron.com

The clear sky and bird songs beckoned to onlookers as representatives from the Bayou Land Conservancy and its community partners inaugurated the ...

What's new on Netflix Canada in March 2019  kawarthaNOW.com

By kawarthaNOW. Netflix original films and series continue to dominate the streaming *service*.

Hawaii Launches State Land Use Database  Government Technology

(TNS) — An inventory of land owned by the state and who pays to use it has been laid out in a new statewide public online database after more than a decade of ...

Major additions in the works for Texas’ public lands  Chron

A pair of land transactions in opposite corners of Texas promise to expand the amount of public lands and public hunting, along with fishing and other outdoor ...

The Nature Conservancy  The Nature Conservancy

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, ...

The Billionaire Quietly Protecting Western Lands From Oil and Gas Drilling  Inside Philanthropy

Hansjörg Wyss has been branching out into all kinds of green giving in recent years. But Western land is still a core interest, evidenced by a recent gift that will ...

Making connections: New path links trail networks in major expansion  Corvallis Gazette Times

Amy's Trail is only about a third of a mile long, but when it's finished at the end of this month, it will open the door to a hidden network of walking paths in the ...

As border wall goes up in Texas, some local landowners put up a fight, others welcome it  Fox News

Federal authorities have awarded two contracts to build additional border walls in the Rio Grande Valley. Landowners in the area have mixed reactions to the ...

Texas oil company to pay $3.2 million for trespass on New Mexico State Trust land  Carlsbad Current-Argus

A Texas-based oil and gas company agreed to pay $3.2 million to the New Mexico State Land Office for trespassing on State Trust land. Salt Creek Midstream, of ...

South Texas Butterfly Sanctuary Threatened By Trump's Border Wall  NPR

Construction on the first new stretch of border wall under the Trump administration is slated to begin this winter. In South Texas, the wall will cut right through a ...

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