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Desired Forest Condition Metrics & Wildlife Habitat Models for Open Pine Habitat & Species Webinar

If you are a forester, land manager, or landowner with pine forest and an interest in wildlife, then you will be interested in the combined presentation of two recently completed GCPO LCC-sponsored projects that address how to manage open pine savanna and woodlands to enhance wildlife habitat and biodiversity.  The first project, “Developing and Applying Desired Forest Condition (DFC) Metrics for Open Pine Ecosystems” was recently completed by Rickie White, Project Manager/Ecologist with NatureServe.  The second project, Using Wildlife Habitat Models to Evaluate Open Pine Desired Management Endpoints” was recently completed by Mike Conner PhD, Wildlife Ecologist and Lora Smith PhD, Associate Scientist, both of the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center.  

Webinar will be held August 1st at 1pm CDT Register Here